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Etsy Photography Jessica Morfis


  Welcome to my new Etsy Shop I just opened my new Etsy Shop to sell my photographs as digital download. Here you can visit my new Etsy Shop: Etsy Shop JessicaMorfisPhotos I came to this idea while i was renovating and decorating my home new and its a great feeling to bring some fresh air at your home. I decided not to sell ready prints, where i have to decide which size and on what medium i’m printing. So i will let you the creative space to decide how the picture is fitting in your home. There are many possibilities today. You can print it on fine art paper or photo paper, matt or shiny, on canvas or under acryl glass, with or without passpartout, big or small,……. So i hope you like my motives. If you see a photograph on my homepage, which is not available at my Etsy Shop, contact me. Here the first photographs which i was putting in the store: Pimp your home with some photographs!    

Schott Ceran Design Award 2015 – Gestaltung einer Kochfläche

Hallo Zusammen, wenn euch meine Gestaltungsvorschläge gefallen, würde ich mich freuen, wenn Ihr auf diesem Link dafür votet: Vielen Dank! schott, ceran, design, award, 2015, talenthouse, jessica morfis, kochfläche, art, küche, interior, citchen, kochen, cooking, wettbewerb, illustrato Schott Ceran Design